Project Summary

Transit services and Complete Streets design are two key pieces of a multimodal transportation system that are not always well integrated with one another. Toole Design worked with Alameda-Contra Costa (AC) Transit, the San Francisco Bay Area’s primary public transportation agency, to produce design guidance that fully integrates high quality transit service with complete streets designs.  The Guidelines address the layout of transit stops adjacent to separated bike lanes and sidewalks, with design details that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The Guidelines include 3-D illustrations that provide a high level of design detail.

The Guidelines are available for download on AC Transit’s website

Protected bike lanes are challenging to continue through bus stop zones, so AC Transit asked our team to develop guidance that will help designers through the process.
We worked with AC Transit staff to establish guiding principles to help designers navigate their local and overarching transit agency standards to create functional bus stops that meet everyone's needs
The guide proposes five bus stop typologies, each of which incorporate street characteristics, protected bike lane configurations, and bus stop elements to ensure accessibility and safe operations for all users.

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