Project Summary

This first-of-its-kind project in Boston focused on filling last-mile gaps in the City’s transportation network by combining transportation options to make it easy to get around. In collaboration with the City of Boston’s New Mobility Team, we designed and implemented eight mobility hub pilot sites in East Boston. Known as GoHubs!, they knit together traditional transit services (bus and local rail connections) and newer transportation modes such as ride-hailing, carshare, and bikeshare. Larger GoHubs! are anchored by solar-powered benches with Wi-Fi and device charging capabilities. Additional placemaking and wayfinding elements include self-watering planters, ground murals, bike parking, and new signage.

With over 4,000 bikes and more than 400 docking stations, Bluebikes bikeshare provides access to a bike without having to own one. Bikeshare also links GoHubs! together and makes connecting to other transportation modes easier.
GoHubs! provide numerous micromobility options across Boston neighborhoods and contribute to a more sustainable and fair transportation system for all users.

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