Project Summary

Toole Design assisted the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts, with the 2020 Cambridge Bicycle Plan, a timely update to the 2015 Bicycle Plan. Along with conducting community outreach, we updated previous chapters with new data, programs, toolboxes, and policies. We also created new chapters that assess the feasibility of separated bicycle facilities on select corridors.

This project used both infrastructure and programmatic approaches to build equity. For infrastructure, we used Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy areas as a factor to prioritize quick-build facilities. On the program level, we assisted the City with its work on bikeshare memberships for low-income community members, bicycle workshops specifically for women, and in-school programs.

Expertise Applied

Community members were invited to share their input through online surveys and at various outdoor events. The feedback pinpointed existing barriers to biking and ways the City could mitigate those barriers.

The Bicycle Network Vision adds key streets to the city’s planned network of protected bikeways and prioritizes “quick-build” bike infrastructure improvements for certain segments.

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