Project Summary

The Pike and Pine Streetscape and Bicycle Improvements project will provide a vibrant pedestrian and bicyclist experience on Pike and Pine streets between Seattle’s Pike Place Market and the Capitol Hill neighborhood with connections to the new waterfront along Elliott Bay. These neighborhoods are the core of downtown Seattle’s business, tourism, and cultural communities and have the highest pedestrian volumes in the city.

Thanks to a collaborative approach to engineering and urban design, Toole Design was able to develop streetscape concepts and designs that prioritize the safety and comfort of all users. These designs include features like improved crosswalks, wide sidewalks, protected bike lanes, additional seating and street activity, and an increased amount of greenery. As a result, the streets of Pike and Pine will have a cohesive look and feel in this 23-block area of downtown Seattle.

Our multidisciplinary team developed concurrent plans supporting two separate project phases. For the first phase of this project, Toole Design oversaw the rapid implementation of safety features along the Pike/Pine corridor, including the introduction of interim protected bike lanes and the addition of nearly 4,000 square feet of public, pedestrian space in the heart of the city. This proof of concept, completed in 2018, allowed the public to experience the street space reallocation benefits before investing in the larger second phase.

The second phase of the project involved significant civil reconstruction to enhance the corridor and make it a more enjoyable place to work, shop, and relax. This phase included the development of full construction plans, specifications, and estimates for extensive changes to the streetscape, including permanent bikeways, sidewalks, signal upgrades, and urban design elements that contribute to a pleasant and welcoming public space. These improvements include new trees and enhanced planter areas, improved lighting, a section of a flexible curbless street near Pike Place Market, landscaped protected bike lanes, artistic railings, and improvements to the bridges over Interstate 5.

The curbless street near Pike Place Market serves as a gateway to both the Market and the waterfront, and it provides a gathering space outside retail businesses. The redesign prioritizes pedestrians and allows for scheduled events and gatherings. It also includes decorative paving, new trees and plantings, tactile wayfinding bands, more visible and accessible crosswalks, and a single lane for local vehicle access.

All these enhancements were carefully designed to address the challenges of civil reconstruction in a densely urbanized area. Toole Design managed the design phase and led civil engineering on the project, resulting in a low bid that was less than 3% under the engineer’s estimate on this $17 million project. The project is currently under construction, and Toole Design is supporting the city with construction phase services.

During Phase 1, we implemented temporary safety features, like this buffered bike lane.
Toole Design added over 4,000 square feet of public, pedestrian space in the middle of downtown.

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