Project Summary

The City of Seattle wanted to improve the pedestrian realm and introduce dedicated bicycle facilities into their downtown transportation network. However, there were many physical and political challenges facing the project: very high pedestrian and transit use and a highly constrained right-of-way that was already heavily used made any alterations to the existing streetscape difficult. Fortunately, our collaborative approach to engineering and urban design provided uniquely responsive streetscape concepts for this redesign of Pike and Pine Streets.

Our multidisciplinary team developed concurrent plans supporting two separate project phases. For the first phase of this project, we oversaw the rapid implementation of safety features along the Pike/Pine corridor, including the introduction of interim protected bike lanes and the addition of nearly 4,000 square feet of public, pedestrian space in the heart of the City. The second phase is looking at longer-term revisions that will make the corridor an even better place to work, shop, and relax. This phase involves a more extensive streetscape transformation to improve aesthetics and the overall user experience with updated sidewalks, transit stops, and permanent bikeways.

This project will improve the pedestrian experience by connecting pedestrians and bicyclists to key Seattle landmarks: the Waterfront, the Pike Place Market, and Capitol Hill. It will also enhance the quality of the streetscape, introduce dedicated bicycle facilities, and create a more cohesive district identity in this 23-block area of downtown Seattle. Once implemented, the area will be an even better place to work, shop, relax, and experience all the energy and vitality of Seattle.

During Phase 1, we implemented temporary safety features, like this buffered bike lane.
Toole Design added over 4,000 square feet of public, pedestrian space in the middle of downtown.

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