Project Summary

Finding good locations for off-road cycling in urban areas can be a significant challenge, leading to conflicts on hiking trails and in other locations that were not designed for bicycle use. In this first-of-its-kind plan, Toole Design worked with the City of Portland to make off-road cycling accessible on a city-wide scale while balancing the needs of all users of the city’s trails and parks. Our inclusive planning process helped City staff and residents better understand the benefits, impacts, and best practices for planning, designing, building, and managing off-road cycling facilities. It also set the stage for projects that will make natural green spaces more accessible for all Portland residents.

We brought two groups of passionate people, nature lovers and mountain biking enthusiasts, together in year-long series of conversations to expand everyone’s ideas about how off-road cycling trails could be implemented in a sustainable way across the city.
We went out into the neighborhoods to talk about the possibilities for recreation and outdoor activity for families and kids, and generated excitement and enthusiasm for off-road cycling.
Our work used research and outreach to build a shared understanding about the wide range of off-road cycling experiences, and expand the community vision of a bikable city to include off-road trails and parks.
Combining our expertise in network analysis and planning, as well as landscape architecture, we helped people embrace the idea of a ‘ride to the ride’ experience in which Portlanders can hop on a bike at home, ride along a bike lane to reach a park, and spend an hour on a trail enjoying nature in the city.

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