Project Summary

Residents of Sulphur Springs had long abandoned the Main Street, Heritage Square, and the downtown in favor of big box retail stores that had developed along the highway bypass. We have transformed Sulphur Spring’s vacant downtown back into a vibrant hub of business and public life.

We designed a flexible public space in the center of the downtown, which has been renamed Celebration Plaza because of the numerous events now being held there. The streets around the plaza were paved in bricks and made curbless; this has helped to reduce speeds, add beauty, and provide space for large events, including the weekly farmers’ market. We ensured there was sufficient parking for daily use and special events in the vicinity.

These changes have attracted people and investment back downtown. As a result, we have recently been working with the City on revitalizing the western part of downtown as well.

Sulphur Springs before.
Sulphur Springs after.

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