Welcoming David Shipps to the Toole Design Board

We are pleased to welcome a new member to the Toole Design Board of Directors. Charged with the long-term direction of the firm, the Board of Directors brings diverse viewpoints from across the company to provide input on key decisions. As we expand our portfolio of work across North America, we want to ensure that our Board reflects the unique perspectives and opportunities in all regions. Notably, the newest Board member represents the Midwestern United States.

David Shipps, AICP is our Columbus Office Director. Since joining the firm in 2017, he has demonstrated his talent for team building with the establishment of a thriving, multidisciplinary office supporting active transportation in Ohio and surrounding states. Earlier this year, David joined our ownership group. He is also leading our recurring two-year leadership development program. Having worked on various multimodal planning projects in communities large and small, David’s broad experience will be a valuable addition to Board discussions.

David Shipps

David joins current Board members Amalia Cody, RJ EldridgeCipriana PattersonRoger Pelayo, Jennifer Toole, Trung VoBrendetta Walker, and Cindy Zerger. Under the guidance of this diverse and accomplished group of leaders, we look forward to the continued success of Toole Design.

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