Seattle, WA

720 3rd Avenue, Suite 2020
Seattle, WA 98104

Primary Contact


General Directions

The office is at 720 3rd Avenue, a 23-story modernist building located in the heart of Seattle’s Central Business District. The office is on the 20th floor, Suite 2020. The office is within blocks of the Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, Central Public Library, and waterfront. If you have any trouble locating the office, please call 206.297.1601 for assistance.

By Bike

The Seattle office is easily accessible by bike via protected bike lanes on 2nd Avenue or a northbound bike lane on 4th Avenue. To select a route to our office, use the Seattle Bicycling Guide Map or call us for assistance. Public bike racks are present near the building. Please call ahead for secure bike parking options.

By Transit

Surface street buses
Our Seattle office is easily accessible via King County Metro bus, with a stop directly in front of the building on 3rd Avenue. Surface street buses travel north/south along the avenues (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). In all cases, get off near Cherry or Columbia Streets and proceed to 3rd Avenue.  Many buses travel directly on 3rd Avenue, including RapidRide lines C, D, and E.

Tunnel buses and Link light rail
For access from transit tunnel buses or Sound Transit light rail (Link), use the Pioneer Square tunnel stop and exit the underground stop via the east side of the north mezzanine.  This exit provides access to 3rd Avenue just one block south of the building.

Sounder commuter rail
From King Street Station, our office is only 6 blocks north on 3rd Avenue.  For easiest access walk to the transit tunnel entrance one block east of King Street Station (the International District tunnel station at Union Station) and take any northbound tunnel bus or light rail one stop north to the Pioneer Square station.  Exit the Pioneer Square station from the east side of the north mezzanine.

Our office is on the east side of 3rd Avenue with the main entrance near the middle of the block.

For King County bus route maps and time tables, visit the King County Metro web site. For light rail maps and time tables, visit Sound Transit’s web site.  For Pierce Transit bus route maps and time tables, visit the Pierce Transit web site.

By Plane or Train

If arriving via Amtrak Cascades or Coast Starlight services, follow the directions provided above for Sounder commuter rail from King Street Station.  If arriving via Sea-Tac airport, Link light rail provides fast, cheap service from the airport to the Pioneer Square transit tunnel stop.

By Ferry or Water Taxi

Use the pedestrian bridge from the ferry dock to access Marion Street.  Proceed east up Marion Street to 3rd Avenue, then turn right (south) and walk one block to Columbia Street.

For King County Water Taxi (West Seattle) time tables, visit the King County Water Taxi website.  For Washington State ferry service from Bremerton or Bainbridge Island, visit the WSDOT ferry schedule website.

Driving Directions

Southbound I-5: take the James Street exit and turn right onto Columbia Street. Proceed west (downhill) on Columbia until you reach 3rd Avenue.  Note that general traffic is not allowed on 3rd Avenue during the day.

Northbound I-5: take the James Street exit and turn left at the end of the exit onto James Street.  Proceed west (downhill) on James Street. Turn right onto 4th Avenue, head north and turn left onto Columbia Street.  Proceed west on Columbia until you reach 3rd Avenue.  Note that general traffic is not allowed on 3rd Avenue during the day.

There is a parking garage in the building, which is accessed from Columbia Street just east of 3rd Avenue.  There are also several other parking garages within a block of the building.  There is also very limited on-street parking on Columbia Street. Parking Pay Stations accept coins, debit or credit cards. Please call ahead for more detailed directions if you are not familiar with the area.