Recap: Toole Researchers Present at TRB 2018

TDG researchers and technical staff were on hand at the Transportation Research Board annual meeting in Washington DC last week. In addition to their roles on numerous committees and subcomitties, several TDG staffers presented on research and topics related to multimodal planning, street design, and Vision Zero strategies. If you didn’t get a chance to see them at TRB, check out their posters and papers below:

Designing and Implementing Green Complete Streets: Integrating The Puzzle Pieces”

Siba El-Samra, ASLA’s poster session defined TDG’s approach to green complete streets and provides two case studies of two of our largest green complete streets projects; Jackson Street in Saint Paul, MN and Dix Street SE in Washington, DC.

Download the Poster

“Estimating Annual Average Daily Bicycle Traffic Without Permanent Count Stations”

Frank Proulx, PhD collaborated with Josh F. Roll at Oregon Department of Transportation on a paper and poster session on estimating counts without installing physical count stations.

Download the paper

Download the poster

“Perceived Safety and Separated Bike Lanes in the Midwest: Results from a Roadway Design Survey in Michigan”

TDG Director of Research Rebecca L. Sanders, PhD and planner Belinda Judelman published a paper and held a poster session on user experience and perceived safety on roadways with bicycle facilities when biking and driving.

Download the paper

Download the poster

“A Historical Perspective on the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities and the Impact of the Vehicular Cycling Movement”

TDG Vice President Bill Schultheiss, P.E. presented a paper on the history of the AASHTO Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities and the effects of the vehicular cycling movement on the development of bicycle-specific facilities for all ages and abilities. He presented alongside others in a session on the history of bicycle planning and design in the US.

Download the paper

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